ABOUT * TonboMai


 “Great art in any form is a powerful medium that challenges our ideals, questions the “normal” and begins a dialog of change. Music, photography, poetry, painting and a million different forms! It doesn’t have to obvious, pretty or easy to understand. Everyone doesn’t have to get it- in fact, no one may ‘get it’ and maybe that is the point. Art is as complicated, unclear and fascinating as the artists themselves.”14963127_194493654332874_981848695928376267_n


 I started TonboMai in 2012 because, well,  I love art and artists. Even the ones I hate, I love for their fearlessness . It was intended as a personal blog about my stuff, but As I connected to new artists, it evolved. I realized I wanted to share their stuff with everyone and TonboMai was born.