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September Spotlight-Photographer Jacqueline Mahan Akcasu

Posted By tonbomai on Aug 30, 2014

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Jacqueline Mahan Akcasu was born in Melbourne, Florida in 1982. She was raised in San Francisco Bay area.  She currently lives in Istanbul, Turkey. She received her Bachelors Degree from San Jose State University in Film, Tv, Radio and Theatre. She studied her M.F.A in Fine Art-Photography, in San Francisco at Academy of Art University.

Jacqueline  is a street photographer who has traveled most of Europe (England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, to name some) and the United States, to take photos.

Her first book, Postmarked in Europe, is a diary of her travels in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and Switzerland, in the summer of 2005.

Her 2nd poetry book, Imagine by Jacqueline Mahan Akcasu, is a rebellious, but soulful, true story through narrative poetry that reflects times of happiness and times of agony:

 She had 2 solo exhibitions in Istanbul, Turkey at the Yunus Emre Cultural Center in summer of 2012, with the series called: Paradise Lost: Invisible Damage. The sum of the series of Fine Art, original digital landscape photography images taken by Jacqueline Mahan Akcasu. The images natural colors have been toxically altered and manipulated to illustrate the negatively transformative impact that humans. Some of her 50 images, from the series can be seen at :

She also has a patent from the United States patent office in 2014.


Find out more about Jacqueline  and see her work here


Artist Photo property of Jacqueline Mahan Akcasu.