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Caring Matters

Posted By tonbomai on Aug 8, 2013

An animal should never have to forgo life saving surgery because their family can not afford a large deposit towards it. And yet I have seen this far too often.
It is heart breaking for everyone involved.
   This is why I have to tell you about Arrowhead Ranch Animal Hospital.
Arrowhead Ranch is located in Glendale, Arizona and it is a truly beautiful place! The staff, the care, the compassion- it is amazing.Their first concern is your baby.
They have many payment options available and they will  try their best to work with you.
   I first heard of Arrowhead Ranch weeks ago when My beloved Terrier, Yager, was diagnosed with cancer by another vet. I went to Arrowhead for a second oppinion on
treatment options.  I am so glad I did, as that decision may have very well saved Yagers life.
   At Arrowhead Ranch I met Dr. Ardelt and Dr. Glanzberg. They showed so much care for her and explained everything in a clear, compassionate manner. Dr. Ardelt performed
her surgery and not only took great care during but afterwards also.He watched her overnight to make sure she was ok.
   It was a tremendous experience. What was such an emotional time for my family was eased by everyone there and I will continue to tell people about them because they
simply are the best!
   Find out more about Arrowhead Ranch  at
   Below are some pictures from Yagers time there.
Dr. Ardelt   and 'Yager'

Dr. Ardelt and ‘Yager’

Arrowhead Ranch Assistant 'Curly'

Arrowhead Ranch Assistant ‘Curly’


Curly and Mom

Yager and her Pal