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Getting High with Artist Asa F. Charles.

Posted By tonbomai on Dec 23, 2016

I think the biggest creative risk I have taken is pretty much coming out of the closet as a stoner. I felt like it might exclude me from getting design work with several “upstanding” organizations but I’ve came to the conclusion that perhaps it really doesn’t matter and if it does…fuckem!.

Artist Asa F. Charles.


          ‘Uncaged’, that is the word that would best describe Asa F. Charles. Gladly, to whomever said it was better for an artist to focus in just one medium of their work, she did not listen. As result, Asa is a true artist and her styles are as varied and complex as the woman herself. Truly, when looking at the works of Asa Charles, two most noteworthy  things stand out dramatically- risk and challenge.  Asa’s work and  her life is deeply rooted in her ability and need to take risks rather than play it safe and her ability to challenge us…. to imagine, to question, to be and to let others be.

           It is that ‘get past the subtle’ attitude that sets Asa apart.  With a style all of her own, she  pushes the envelope through the confined and quiet. It is  a world where the viewer is invited to, not just enjoy life, but to also be present in it. As result, one isn’t merely observing her art, but rather taking part in it.

Asa’s backstory.

Asa F. Charles is a Trinidadian born U.S resident. Her work is rooted in her honest love for all things Art and the inspiration of her native home’s bright bold colors. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration and Design, she seamlessly delves into diverse mediums and projects. With works that are ever evolving, she continues to experiment with varying art forms such as Wire Art, creating highly expressive and figurative sculptures. You can also find her doing Body Art, where she transforms human bodies into shimmery canvases and Digital Art in which she gives people the opportunity to make their own artistic visions into reality. In addition Asa is  now jewelry making which truly allows her to show her love and creativity for all things marijuana.

Asa’s accomplishments so far.

Ms. Charles is a member of the League of Art Entrepreneurs, a professional Artist group in Atlanta. Her work is displayed in many private residences as well as public spaces such as Mango’s Restaurant on Auburn Ave, Atlanta Tech Village in Buckhead and The Healium Art Gallery. In addition, she enjoys participating in group shows and has had work featured in solo exhibitions during Castleberry Hill Art Stroll. Asa  also has a passion for introducing art to everyone. She enjoys the challenge of instructing classes and exposing people to the arts, confirming her belief that everyone is an Artist.


Recently, TonboMai had the wonderful opportunity to gain some insight into Asa and her work. Enjoy!


     1. First of all, Tell everyone about yourself and your background.

My name is Asa F. Charles and I’m a Freelance Artist. I’m originally from Trinidad and Tobago and have been in the U.S since i was 10.  I have a B.A in Illustration and design but really like to throw myself into a lot of different mediums of Art. I do digital art, traditional art, body art and presently, my new love, jewelry design.

      2. What do you do?

I make marijuana inspired jewelry and art. 

      3.Why do you do what you do?

 I really enjoy making these pieces because I love working with my hands, playing with clay, paint and    wire. It allows me to be creative while logged off of a computer and yea… I really like weed.

     4.  Do you think that your work has evolved over the years?

 I’ve been making these pieces now for about 2 years and I can definitely see an improvement in detail to a lot of the clay sculpting and the painting that I do. I take more time and do more research to make jewelry that I would love to wear myself instead of just making random art for everyone.


About Asa’s Work.


     5.  What have you done that you are most proud of?

I’m in love with the faux gauges that I recently started making. They look like blunts, joints and even buds sticking straight through your ear lobes. I wear these the most often.

     6. When you think back,what is the biggest creative risk that you have taken?

I think the biggest creative risk I have taken is pretty much coming out of the closet as a stoner. I felt like it might exclude me from getting design work with several “upstanding” organizations but I’ve came to the conclusion that perhaps it really doesn’t matter and if it does…fuckem! 

Thoughts on Art .

     7.  Where does art/creativity come into play in society ?

I think the role of art in society is to reflect the times. It’s not so much a purposeful thing but it just seems natural that people create what they are inspired by.

    8.   Should Art be funded?

Yes, art should be funded, art supplies are expensive as well as the time, talent and knowledge of Artists. Art motivates people to think outside of what they think is real, so it would be a shame to discount something that really helps us improve.

   9.  If you could use two sentences to sum up your views/ yourself, what would they be?

 Live the life you love; Love the life you live.


Her Inspiration.


    10. How do you stay inspired?

I stay high… lol,no, but really I try to take things by the moment. There is always something uplifting in your life to keep you going even when things seem chaotic. I stop, take a deep breath and realize that things happen but there is always some beauty to be found in any situation.

     11.  Who inspires you/ why?

A lot of people inspire me; I’d like to think everyone is an Artist in their own way. I especially look up to people that follow their bliss by doing this it encourages others to do the same.  

     12.  Do you have a dream project?

My dream project is to eventually make some high end pieces with real precious metals and jewels. It excites me to think of golden joints with crushed diamonds and onyx to resemble the ashes on the tips. Yea, it’s frivolous but it makes me happy.

      13.  What is your professional goal?

My professional goal for Sweet Chiba Baby is to have it totally support my weed habit, lifestyle and allow me to do more hands on projects including painting.

       14.  Do you have any advice for  someone who is just getting started?

Do it!!! Make sure you are in love with it, and work at it constantly.

       15.  Lastly, Any final thoughts?

Thank you!

We thank you too Asa. No doubt, you will love Asa’s work as much as we do.  To find out more about her and see her inspiring work by clicking on the links below and  to the right.

Cannabis Inspired

Asa’s Works

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