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Closer to Forever

Posted By tonbomai on Aug 4, 2013

I first met Anne Wilburn of Big Hearts Haven months ago when I was networking a beautiful

pit mix (Sweetie) that had been abandoned at a foreclosed home. It was a scary situation

with ‘Sweetie’ in the shelter. All hope seemed lost. That is, until Anne

stepped up and saved her. ‘Sweetie’ is now happy and well on her way to a forever home and

I have become one of Anne’s biggest fans.

Anne and a very happy 'Sweetie.'

Anne and a very happy ‘Sweetie.’

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Anne

and getting to know some of the lucky pups that they are currently helping.

If you have not heard of Anne yet, you soon will, as she is doing

some very wonderful things in the community.

Big Hearts Haven rescues animals in need and works tirelessly to place

them in loving forever homes. While they are awaiting the perfect family,

Big Hearts Haven makes sure they are provided everything they need in

a caring foster home.

Here are just a few of the pups that Big Hearts Haven is helping.

If you are looking for a forever friend, would like more info on one of these pups

or would like to donate to a group that is truly making a difference please see the links below:

on the web

On facebook

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Sweet baby