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Getting ‘Candid’ – with Photographer Philip Carnevale

Posted By tonbomai on Jul 10, 2014

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Photographer Philip Carnevale has an eye to capture the rare, raw and fleeting moments of life, and his photos will send one on an adventure that they normally might miss. This is photography in its purest form–as he skillfully invites us to share in the emotion and beauty throughout his world. Welcome to the photography of Philip Carnevale.


Philip Carnevale is a Self-taught, freelance photographer. As he puts it,”At a very young age, I can remember venturing out on my own with a camera in my hand. I couldn’t wait to get back to the house and show my family all the wonderful pictures I had taken.”
It wasn’t until recently that he made the push to have his photography passion transform into a career. Growing up, it was a distant dream of his but the events of the last year have pushed it into a reality that he has embraced.He has thrown himself full force into the photography world and it, in return, has rewarded him with opportunities he could not have imagined. He has had the wonderful honor of shooting for National Geographic,an accomplishment he is extremely proud of and rightfully so. He has also received a variety of awards for his work and is currently launching a Fine Art Photography book inspired by the beauty of Colorado. You can find out more about his book here . With all of this Philip has one wish for the future of his Photography, ” With the years to come, I hope that I can go on more adventures, meet great people and capture the majestic beauty of nature.”


1. What attracted you to photography?  The seemingly never ending ways photography can be utilized attracted me to this amazing art. There are numerous ways you can express yourself and be a reflection for the past, present, and future generations. Photography is a way for me to communicate without words and allow the images to be my expression.
2. How would you describe your photography style?  An old-fashioned,  raw and candid style is the best way to describe my photography style.  I utilize my environment to capture the image at its very best and seldom use software to enhance what I have captured.
3.What inspires you? Mother Nature inspires me. The constant change of the world, makes me never want to miss a moment. It can be a matter of seconds that inspires me, or it could be a 6 month adventure.
4. How do you think you have evolved in your art since starting? Since I have started, I now believe in myself. I no longer shoot for other people’s opinions. I shoot to impress myself. I no longer worry about who may or may not like my photographs. My only worry is the emotions I feel when I capture the image.
5.What do you think the job of a good photograph is? What should it do? A good photograph should make an audience feel as though they were on the adventure with you. It should make your eyes move from one place to another. It should captivate the senses and emotion that were present when the shutter clicked.
6. Which photographers do you admire the most? First and foremost, I admire Ansel Adams. His ability to capture the raw beauty of nature was astounding! Darren Carroll has been a recent admiration. His ghost-like ability to move throughout a scene and photograph without being noticed is admirable. Last but not least, I admire Henri Cartier-Bresson because he drives the point home on shooting what you want to shoot at that moment. For him, it was not about seeing what he could do after an image was taken. It’s simply THAT moment.
7. What would you say to someone considering photography? This is an amazingly beautiful, hard career. You will have spend all of your time thinking about. This is not a 9-5 job. It is a passion, something that derives from within.

Parting Thoughts? For anyone that is considering photography whether you have formal training or not, let your passion show. It is amazing what emotion can be shown when someone allows their passion to see light.


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