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Photographer Spotlight – Eleonora Gadducci

Posted By tonbomai on Dec 9, 2014

Self Portrait

“I am inspired by everything that is surreal and dreamlike, but also by the beauty of nature around us. For me,  photography is a monologue between me and what my eyes see.  In my opinion,  photography is aestheticism and spirituality, solitude and socializing at the same time ”  Eleonora Gadducci

Eleonora Gadducci AKA Etè Nocturnes, was born August 27 1989.

As a child her playmates and companion of life were the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland”.

Whimsical, dreamlike and unconventional, attracted by the many “forms” of art and the possibility through it to create a surreal and imaginary parallel to daily life, Eleonora has been fascinated by photography since childhood, her interest peaking  in adolescence after admiring the masterpieces of A. Adams.  That led her in 2009 to start her own research and experimentation in the photographic field parallel to her interest in music (composition, singing and guitar) illustration, and poetry.

Currently, Eleonora, has dedicated herself to various photo projects made with a Nikon Coolpix L110 inspired by literature, music and nature, and also to the technique of the self portrait. Some of her works have appeared in various international magazines online.

Attracted by the magical, surreal and mystical side of life, trying to impress this  in all her works, Eleonora, defines her art as “materialization of the soul and transcendence of reality” and her photography as ” The poetry of light.” Eleonora, in addition to devoting herself to her “artistic journey”, is also available for commissioned work, ranging from photo books and creative portfolios for models,  even non-professionals. Additionally she is available for bands and artists, photographic services for weddings and  cultural events, as well as collaborations with emerging designers, photo magazines, editors or columns about photography.

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