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‘Provoking Emotion’ – With Photographer Laura Gerwin

Posted By tonbomai on Jul 7, 2014


With a respect and love for the diversity of the world, photographer Laura Gerwin has a strong belief that behind every moment, there is a story that needs to be shared–and this is evidenced throughout her works. Be it a photograph from a far away place or right down the road, her images are not only seen, but heard.. It is not–just about a moment–but many tiny stories that are begging to be told. Welcome to the world of Photographer Laura Gerwin.


Originally from Southern California, Laura Gerwin has called Santa Fe home for 15 years. Her love for travel has taken her to all 7 continents, giving her the unique opportunity to create stunning and rare images of life on Earth. Some of her favorite destinations have included Antarctica, the San Juan Islands, Peru and the Southwest. She hopes that her photographs inspire others to go out and enjoy, explore and protect the planet that she loves! Her full collection of images, along with custom, handmade photo charms are available at www.charmedplanetphotography.com . She is available for Weddings, Events, Family, and Food photography worldwide. She is currently booking full time in Wedding Photographing.



1. What attracted you to photography?

My initial attraction to photography seeded from my desire to document my travels. I wanted to capture moments of people and places in all corners of the world and share the visual knowledge of how diverse our world is. As my passion for travel and exploration grew, so did my so did my desire to photograph the moments.

2. How would you describe your photography style?
Style. My photographs are full of color, candid moments, and really anything that catches my eye. Often when I am looking at things- I see as if I am looking through frames in the camera, clicking the shutter and freezing moments in time. Style is shaped by so many factors depending on time and place, really you just have to go with your gut. Capture life as it happens. Take time to stop and smell the flowers. Thats style.

3. What inspires you?
Travel. Color, and laughter.

4. How do you think you have evolved in your art since starting?
I think more critically about the science of the camera. I look for the light. I have learned that not all moments are meant to be shared with my camera, sometimes I need to step back and see life not through the lens.

5. What do you think the job of a good photograph is?  What should it do?

I think for a photograph to be considered good it needs to provoke an emotion. The photograph needs to be able to liven your senses- if even for a moment. Make you feel compassion or excitement, make you want to taste something or feel- as you can almost smell the flowers, hear the the sound of a wave. Emotion, emotion makes a good photograph.

6. Which photographers do you admire the most?
Peter Lik and Lisa Kristine are for sure my photography heroes. My dream is National Geographic, I admire every image within the glossy pages. I love to curl up on an airplane ride with a fresh issue of National Geographic in my lap. I do have a fresh photographic crush, it’s wedding photography- talk about images full of color, life and emotion. Check back later for a list of wedding photographers I’m crushing on.

7. What would you say to someone considering photography?
I’m not even sure what to say to myself yet. LOL.
Keep it simple. Be kind. Work hard. Let it breathe.
Go for it, live you dreams. You have to at least try.

Parting Thoughts?

A photography topic that I feel strongly about is using images to give back and educate people about our world, the people and our environment. I would love to inspire people through photography to help make the world a better place.


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