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JuSt A gOoFbAll.

Posted By tonbomai on Jan 15, 2013


Patiently Waiting….


The greatest moments are rarely planned and the greatest friendships just sort of find their way into your heart when you
aren’t looking.
A few months ago, I told you about ‘Red’. When I
first saw her she broke my heart. She was
cut and hungry.  My pal ‘Reason’ and this sad girl
were talking through my fence.
I think Reason put in a good word for me
because ‘Red’ let me approach and treat her wounds without hesitation.

Saving mommy from evil hose!


I was worried I would not be able to find the help
that she needed but boy was I wrong. I first contacted
Angel who runs ‘Positive Pitbulls’. She
has never let me down….when I have had questions, advice etc..
She put me in touch with Diana at 2nd Chance Dog Rescue. It is one
thing to hear about the work that rescues do but to be on the receiving end
and experience it is truly beautiful. Second Chance set ‘Red’ up with Power Road Animal-Hospital.
At Power- Road -Animal- hospital I met Dr Darger. Let me just saw that he is wonderful. He
immediatly made ‘Red’ feel at ease and talked to her. He explained everything
and gave us great advice. When it was time to leave the vet- Red didn’t want to leave!
At the vet, we were met by Lisa of ‘Go Dog Wild.’ She and her son
brought ‘Red’ so many goodies and treats. She was a very happy girl!
They also brought wipes that were very helpful because ‘Red’
was not ready to be bathed and so those were a godsend!
After we left the vet, 2nd chance sent us over to pick up
doggie food. They not only had doggie food for us which helped us so much but
they also had  food to help with my rescued kitties!  By the time we left, we knew Red
had a fresh start to a happy life!…and it hasn’t stopped there. Yesterday, Barbara Jean from solid Imaging
chipped in towards feeding this Gal,,,,the kindness Red has received has been awesome!

What I do know is that a lot of people came together to ensure that she doesn’t have to suffer again.


I have no control over the pain this poor girl must have endured in her time alone.
What I do know is that a lot of people came together to ensure that she doesn’t have to suffer again.
 Well ‘Red’ is now  Cinnamon Macchiato and she
 is currently passed out on my floor. I didn’t rescue
her- everyone did. It is so awesome to see how
everyone came together for this one sad little dog who is no longer
sad and is not quite so little now!
She has yet to find her forever home but she is welcome to stay in
mine until she does- even if that takes forever!

Serious Play.


The groups and companies below not only helped with ‘Red’,
but they also help the community in countless other ways.
Please show your support to them when you can!
2nd Chance Dog Rescue
Positive pitbulls
Power Road Animal- Hospital
Solid Imaging
Go Dog Wild

Unfenced defined


Machi with her favorite look


Bad Hose!


Complete Control:)



Plan of attack!