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The Highway Home

Posted By tonbomai on May 27, 2013

The Arizona heat was unbearable that day.
Driving towards town, we caught a glimpse of something on the side of the road. We  drove a little longer but our
curiousity got the better of us.
We turned the truck around and stopped. It was a dog and she was not happy- her growls let us know we were not welcome.
We returned home to get water for her. We drove back and left it close enough for her to see
and left. We would return every few hours with cold water and food.
As the sun was close to going down, we brought more water.This time however, she surprised
me and began to approach. She sat in front of me and rolled over. I could not believe it.
It is a moment I will never forget.
I promised her that day that I would find her family. I also promised her that she could stay with me
until I found them. This was a year ago and while we haven’t found her family, she has become a part of ours.
I still search the lost dog ads to see if someone is looking for this girl that is now fondly called ‘Highway.’
I can not imagine that someone willingly abandoned this girl with her sweet face. I have yet to find her former family and
until I do and if I never do- she will have a home.

‘Highway’ getting dirty