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Spotlight on Irene Penny

Posted By tonbomai on Dec 1, 2016

” Everyone has a gift. Mine is capturing the vivid, crazy, stunning and sweet moments in life and creating unforgettable and unique photographs for the home”


Irene Penny has assisted with the Italian Vogue fashion editors on shoots with Testino, Leibovitz & Avedon. She has also worked with the fashion editors at Allure.

The style of photographer Irene Penny can not be put into a box and With works and subjects so diverse, who would want to. The one constant, however, in her photography, is the talent of the woman behind the camera, the skill she uses to capture the subject and the ability to hold our interest in whatever Irene chooses to photograph. Be it the soft delicacy of a Cherry Blossom or the strong beauty of a female athlete, Irene has us sold. chalking-upw

One of her  projects is “Crushing It: Portraits of Women Athletes” , in which she captures the beauty of strong women. Her work was displayed May 21 from 6-8 pm at Athleta in Westport. Find out more here

Find out more about Irene and see her inspiring work by clicking below:

Irene’s site


Photographs are the property of Irene Penny. You must have her permission to use them.