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A Heart For Giving

Posted By tonbomai on Aug 25, 2012

Joyce Kleikamp is a hero. Her cape of choice is not fancy, just your average scrubs. You won’t find her leaping tall buildings in a single bound (at least not yet!), but to the cats of Pinal county who find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of being homeless, she is a hero just the same. Now you will never hear Joyce refer to herself as anything other than a volunteer but that, in itself, speaks volumes. She is also quick to point out that she doesn’t do her work alone- that she is just a part of a larger group of wonderful volunteers- all of whom play an important part in the success of the shelter.

Growing up in Boston, Joyce developed a love for helping early and she honed her heart for service as a special Education teacher for deaf children for 25 years. She attributes her faith, Baha’i, for providing the foundation that being of service to humanity is a blessing and responsibility. She is a walking example of that service.

Besides being a volunteer at the shelter, she works as a home visitor with local families sharing her faith, makes weekly drives to Tucson to visit and go with her parents to medical and social appointments, and spends time with her wonderful husband of almost 30 years.

Now you can find Joyce most weeks at Pinal County Animal Care and Control in Casa Grande, where she is resident “Cat Lady.” Her job extends far beyond simply providing for the cats physical needs, she also provides the emotional care for each cat entrusted to her.

Joyce is keenly aware that she may be that one vital link between a cat and the forever home they deserve. For her that role is crucial. Her hours in “Kitty City”, are spent socializing cats that are in a new environment and may be shy, grooming them and enriching their time there through cuddle and play.

She has also incorporated her interest in photography into her work. She spends countless hours capturing the right photographs to feature on petfinder.com as well as the Pinal county animal control facebook page. She knows that for many people one glimpse could mean the difference between an adoption and more time spent at the shelter for a homeless cat, so she takes her work very seriously.

Thanks to Joyce and others who volunteer their time, countless cats have found and will find their homes. Joyce encourages those interested in volunteering to not hesitate but to contact the shelter and start the process. Yes, the work is not always easy but the rewards are great as is the feeling of being a hero for a homeless animal and the satisfaction of knowing you took part in saving a life… even without a cape.



If you are interested in volunteering at Pinal County Animal Care and control, you can contact volunteer coordinator, Lynda Nesbitt, PCACC; 520-509-3555 or via email at Lynda.nesbitt@pinalcountyaz.gov You can also look for the volunteer application online soon on the shelter’s county website. Lynda would be happy to hear from you and find a way to fit volunteer work in, no matter what your schedule.


Each cat featured on this page is currently up for adoption at Pinal County Animal Care and Control. Please contact the shelter for more information on adopting these wonderful cats!