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Breaking The Rules With Photographer Adam Kimbrell

Posted By tonbomai on May 26, 2014


For photographer Adam Kimbrell, rules have their place…just not in his photography. For him, rules are meant to be broken… In the field, Adam relies on his instincts, natural eye, and experience. The result is nothing less than spectacular.

Adam Kimbrell was born in Prince George Va. at a very young age…. with no clothes…Naked!   Yeah- As he puts it, ” not a pretty sight.”  Raised in Sweet Home Alabama- it is Jasper Alabama that he calls home.  While he does have formal training in photography,  for the most part he is self trained – a fact he takes great pride in.  He has photographed several different subjects over the years.  His work runs the gamut and includes photographing for Companies and Individuals such as Street Worriorz,  Bama Dragway,  Aerodyne Engineering, Quigley’s tea room(food photographer) and AirMed International.



1.  When and how did you develop an interest in photography?

I became interested in photography when I was 19 if memory serves. My mom gave me my first camera. Back then there weren’t digital cameras so my first camera was a Canon EOS 35mm. I put that camera through the ringer. Had it for many years. Funny little fact I share sometimes is, I was never really close to my dad. But it turns out he liked cameras and he was a bit of a camera hound, So my love for cameras and photography is written in my DNA. HA!

2.  What would you say is your photography style?

Ya know I can’t honestly tell you exactly what my style is. If I had to answer, give people an answer, I would say It’s not the norm. With that said, I have allowed my peers describe my style.  I’ve been told I have the ability to catch the “Human side” of a subject in my images. I kinda see what they are talking about. I know I have a gift to put people at ease and bring them into a element of calm. But yeah–lets go with what my peers say! I will let them define my style.

3.  As an artist, what inspires you?

A little bit of everything–I get inspiration driving down the highway. Simple as that. Whatever seems to jump out at me at any given time. People inspire me. I look at random people and say “Hmm! That person would be very worthy of a shoot”

4.  How do you think you have evolved as a photographer since starting?

I started out shooting…everything! Everything under the sun–and that’s not a bad thing. But I have evolved in the direction of doing a lot of 45 degree light. Rembrandt lighting!… I carry an umbrella and portable lighting set up everywhere I go.

5.  What do you think the job of a good photograph is? What should it do?

I think we are put on this earth to record & immortalize and spark an emotion. I keep those two goals in mind when I shoot and image weather its a human or and object. If I can’t achieve one of those goals– then just put the camera down!

6.  As a photographer, are there any photographers who you admire?

You’re not going to believe this, but I don’t have anyone I really follow. I know as a kid I liked the images of Ansel Adams, but I never strived to be like him.

7.  What would you say to someone who is interested in photography?

In a perfect world I would strongly encourage someone to purchase a old fashioned manual 35mm camera. A Pentax K-1000, for example. I think a budding photographer should spend some time doing photography old school–and work from there. How long should they shoot with a Manual? Eh! Whenever they have mastered the concept of shutter speed and aperture. I would also say to someone that’s interested– to Shoot Everything!  Shoot everything until you find your niche. Once you find your niche or passion, study it and become better at it than anyone on the planet.
8. What is the most interesting/ favorite shoot that you have had?

I’ve had many! I enjoyed being a photographer for two indie movies made here in Alabama. I did a photo shoot in a national forest–and actually food photography is pretty fun for me to do.

9.  Parting thoughts/quotes/warnings/words?

I’m probably going to die with a camera in my hands. I’m happy when I have a camera up in my face looking through a view finder. God has given me this gift and I praise HIM praise everyday. “Make a camera an extension of your body” “The rules of photography are made to be bent”.  Many can be broken. And a good photographer knows when to brake those rules–and when not to.

Adam invites you to learn more about him and check out his work!





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