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On Shooting Cats……

Posted By tonbomai on Mar 15, 2014



You do not photograph a cat- a cat allows you
to photograph her. Even when you are allowed,
it can be a bit of a challenge.
First off, cats are suspicious. They do not
know what the flashing box you are holding is!
Let the cat see it,check it out.
Next, you must have patience.Sure, you can try to
pose a cat but, with few exceptions, this is not
going to work. Luckily, cats are curious and that
curiousity will present you with some good opportunities
for memorable shots.
Also, I find cats beautiful in natural light. If you have
an indoor cat, however, I do not advise to take her outside
to photograph as she could get skittish and run. There
are plenty of ways to make use of natural light indoors. Personally,
windows are one of my favorites. I love the look of light flooding in,
the reflection in the cats eyes, The faraway look most cats get searching
out that window, etc.
Get cat level. I see a lot of people doing the ‘looking down’ shot. It
is a ‘bystander shot’ and cute enough, but you don’t feel like you are
there. A good photo takes you there- gives you a sense of what is going on with the subject.
Lastly, don’t rush. With the right amount of patience and your cats personality- things are bound to
get interesting. Good luck shooting and remember, above all, to enjoy yourself.