Posted By tonbomai on Sep 18, 2012

Following your passion is easier said than done, but for Lisa Samford it is something that she knew she had to do. After spending 23 years in the corporate world, Lisa knew that she wanted something more, something that she loved doing, and something she was passionate about.

Driven by this need, her desire to spend more time with her wonderful son and by her entrepreneurial spirit, Lisa decided to do what was unthinkable- She left her corporate world and followed her heart and passion.

It all started with an organic garden in Agritopia that she had with her best friend and her friend’s husband. While she was learning to can and make dishes from the organics – she incorporated it with her passion for animals and came up with the idea of Organic Dog Treats. But she didn’t stop with the idea. She began the research, started creating recipes, worked on the testing and analysis, labeling, and Go Dog Wild was born.


As Lisa puts it, “I am a firm believer that if we want to get this country back on its feet, it has to start from the people and work up. It will never come from the top. So I began to look for USA made products, made with natural materials and ingredients. I think most people know we need to bring manufacturing back to the US, but if the choice to do so is not convenient, folks will choose what they have in front of them.”

Lisa’s mission became having a place for products not only made in the USA, but that were already tested, researched and proven to be healthy, non-toxic, durable and good quality and she has done just that! Her company, Go Dog Wild provides natural, organic and eco-friendly products for pets.

Her business practices are a true reflection of the sort of person that Lisa is. She stays involved with the community by working local fundraising events and returning a portion of her income to local rescues and k9 units. But she doesn’t do it alone, even at his young age her son not only shares her passion for animals but for the business as well. “Instilling a good work ethic and a spirit of entrepreneurship in my son is very important to me. I want him to grow up knowing he can do anything if he works hard and puts his mind to it. Go Dog Wild has turned out to be a great way to show him how to do that, and he loves it!”

Lisa figures she is still in the ‘paying the dues’ phase of start-up, working several jobs to fund the job she loves, but she has continued to follow her heart. And Lisa, we (and our Dogs) are so glad you have!

Lisa runs Go Dog Wild.

You can find more information about Go Dog Wild here