.....Project Spotlight..... “Travel Postcards from Nanook ........ The 3-Legged Siberian Husky." * TonboMai

…..Project Spotlight….. “Travel Postcards from Nanook …….. The 3-Legged Siberian Husky.”

Posted By tonbomai on Nov 1, 2014



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Hello and WOOF! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nanook and I am a feisty 3-legged Siberian Husky with sparkling blue eyes and a dream. I want to travel across America and write a book about my adventures which I plan to call “Travel Postcards from Nanook – The 3-Legged Siberian Husky.” Major cities, small towns, surrounding countrysides and whatever happens to appear around the next bend will be explored, photographed and documented featuring me, Nanook, in the starring role.

On a warm Halloween evening in the year 2010, I arrived on planet Earth and I was crying. I was born with a shattered front leg which was immediately amputated. Ten weeks later a kindly photojournalist by the name of Mark Wilson rescued me and promptly began to take me on road-trips to really cool places in New Mexico such as the state capitol in Santa Fe and White Sands National Monument, where, surrounded by the majestic rolling sands of the desert, an idea for a photographic postcard book series began to take shape. By the time my second birthday rolled around, we had traveled to Chicago, where I played in the shadows of its famous skyline and then northward, to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where I raced with an Iditarod dog sled team and ran along the shores of Lake Superior. We followed that with a trip to Detroit where I got to see my first baseball game! Along the way, my master would take photographic portraits of me and then transform the images into postcards which I would send to my friends across the country.

Now I would like to explore the rest of America, beginning with a return trip to the Great Lakes region to complete the first installment of the series. We plan to visit the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and I will be photographed along the way, sending postcards via social media during the trip, and eventually publishing them in print form.

The ultimate ‘big picture’ vision of the project is to travel to all 50 states, discovering what makes each of them unique and then sharing my exploits with the world. The books, accompanying postcards and calendars will provide a visual tour of America for children and adults. The richness, cultural diversity and scenic wonderment of this great nation will be explored, illustrating that anyone, even a 3-legged dog, can overcome adversity and have adventures.


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Bottomless Nanook


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2011 Roswell UFO Festival




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