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Becoming ‘New.’

Posted By tonbomai on Oct 12, 2013

Not all miracles are evident at first glance-
They don’t unfold before your eyes….
There are simple, miraculous things that occur
every day in nature. They occur slowly and
   You can find these miracles all around you
if to take a step back and simply look….That is my wish for
   Trust me, life becomes much more awesome when we realize
everything big and small is here to teach us.
   Every year I wait for the Sphinx caterpillars to appear. The
brown desert suddenly has this beautiful, moving art in it. It is
   To some, I am sure they are bothersome and seem to not have
purpose. I mean, they blindly rush from the desert, cross
roads, cover yards.
  They are actually looking for their place…their place
to transform…to become what they are meant to be.
   When they find their ‘place’, they burrow under the ground, away from curious eyes (and my camera).
    When they emerge, they will be beautiful, winged Hawk moths.
   I spent a few hours following these guys journey…it was really
cool to know next time I see them they will be ‘new’.
   Below are a a few of these guys on their journey:)