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Northern Colorado Through the Lens Of Photographer Philip Carnevale

Posted By tonbomai on Jul 31, 2014


To freelance Photographer Philip Carnevale, the world is an adventurous place. This is never more evident than in his photography. It is here that he uses his skill and eye to capture the rare, the raw, and the fleeting moments of life that we, the viewer, would have otherwise missed. He has shot for National Geographic, as well as receiving a variety of awards for his work. Current Projects include a Fine Art Photography book, titled Trails of Dreams, inspired by the beauty of Colorado. 

“When I was asked to present my town, I was uncertain how I would narrow this down. The town I am apart of is more of a community. This community is known as Northern Colorado. There are multiple towns from Fort Collins, Estes Park, Windsor and more that make Greeley Colorado is so unique. Every year there is a celebration known as the Greeley Independence Stampede. This is a celebration where people across the world come together to celebrate the beauty the area has to offer. This area is a photographic dream, from small animals to flooding rivers. There are endless amounts of beauty to behold. As a nature photographer, I am quite fond of capturing these elements. From the majestic mountains that are viewable right in the backyard to the handful of wildlife- there are moments that will surely take your breath away.
Because of the endless beauty that this wonderful region has to offer, I was inspired to create a Fine Art Photography Book. Trails of Dreams depicts all of the beauty that this state, as well as this specific community, has to offer. It is an endless trail that leads to glorious dreams that have been conquered. If you are interested in the book feel free to visit my webpage : . I am taking individual orders via email and I would be happy to deliver a copy to you.”







“What I love most about North Colorado is the strong sense of community that you are able to experience. Everyone is ‘Northern Colorado’ proud. It is a good blend between agriculture, forestry and more. It is fit for a farmer or a mountain man.”





Ram and his girls



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