Spotlight on...... Beverly Isla of 'Save a Pooch.' * TonboMai

Spotlight on…… Beverly Isla of ‘Save a Pooch.’

Posted By tonbomai on Dec 17, 2014


For many, the love of their pets, is comparable to that of family members. For most pets, the love for their owners is the true love that we dream of.
No barriers, no conditions, just pure love.” Beverly Isla


Beverly Isla’s love of animals and especially her compassion for abandoned dogs led her to create With a background in journalism, freelance writing, marketing, alternative medicine and as a natural product consultant, Beverly is committed to driving awareness around the human animal bond, and holistic pet care. She began as a pet owner herself, leading to fostering rescued dogs. She saw first-hand how rescued dogs can transition with just a bit of proper rehabilitation and attention, and spent countless hours reaching out to dog professionals for tips and advice.

Beverly’s venture ‘Save A Pooch’ aims to provide a marketplace where dog professionals and rescue dog enthusiasts can build a community and share
their best tips to keep a rescue dog happy and healthy. also provides pet businesses and professionals with media awareness and access
to industry influencers who can help deliver an ethical message on animal and pet care.

“Our pets’ well-being not only consists of healthy eating habits, regular exercise but the emotional maturity and personal development of their
owners or handlers. When we adopt a holistic healthy lifestyle to keep our mind, spirit and body clean, our pets will naturally follow suit. In turn,
this will strengthen the 2 way street of the human-canine (or other animals) bond. The more compassion we live in, the better off the animal
kingdom and humans will be. The overall love consciousness of the planet will increase. Everything is connected. Absolutely everything. Why not do
our part?”


TonboMai recently had the honor to interview Beverly Isla about herself and ‘Save a Pooch.’ What we found is someone not only intelligent but also compassionate and dedicated to all things living. We absolutely love ‘Save a pooch’ and have no doubt you will too!


1. Hi Beverly. Tell us a little background on yourself.

My journey has been an interesting route that didn’t seem to have any relation to one another. I went into university thinking I would get into
intelligence or espionage. At that time, I was all about criminal justice, even trained for our provincial law enforcement. When I decided that route
may not suit my life after all, I went into a journalism program while doing some radio broadcasting, news writing for a network. But I still
didn’t feel fulfilled. I was really into personal development and holistic health so I thought let me try getting education in homeopathic medicine so
I did that at the same time doing some marketing projects within the holistic health industry. All of this spanned 12 years and to be honest,
something was still missing in terms of what I feel passionate about. I liked aspects of all my experiences yet it was quite frustrating to feel I
haven’t hit the mark in terms of my life’s purpose. It wasn’t until I started fostering dogs, that I felt a kind of fulfillment that I needed to explore more.

2. Lots of people love animals, but with ‘Save A Pooch’
you have taken it to a different level.You have a background in marketing,
What propelled you to do ‘Save a Pooch’?

It was through my fostering experience that made me really question and reflect on how I can contribute more in the area of canine welfare and
animal welfare in general. When I have foster dogs, and I get to learn about that dog, I put so much time in finding dog professionals or doing
research that can help give me insights to rehabilitate this dog. It’s not required as a foster to put this much work in but I just felt compelled and
really didn’t mind. In fact, I wanted to give more than just shelter, food and walks. I wanted to see transformation. And why not? Fosters that
volunteer for rescue organizations are the front runners to helping a dog transition. If we all had the kind of knowledge and insights that can be
found through experts, the quality of foster homes would improve. These dogs could have a better chance of finding a forever home.

3. What is the purpose and goal of ‘Save A Pooch’?

Save A Pooch has 2 purposes. One is to build a community of rescue dog enthusiasts for the purpose of interaction and education. The kind of
content on there leans towards rescue dog concerns; there’s vlogs with experts giving their insights, and articles with useful tips. Users can
also create their social profile and post their own content. In the future, I’ll be putting more effort in campaigns to help rescue organizations with the help of users’ interacting.

Essentially, tidbits of useful information can make all the difference. For ex, there could be safer alternatives to treating dog aggression rather
than rushing to get them sedated with drugs. There’s so much more out there beyond the conventional ways of giving your dog a happy, healthy life. But
unless we really dig for that information, we may stick to the mainstream options only. I guess that’s where my espionage traits come in. I like to
weigh all my options rather than be told this is the only option.

The second purpose of SAP is to offer dog professionals and organizations that contribute to canine welfare (or animals in general) exposure to media
outlets. The intention of this goes beyond just selling press release distribution for the sake of it. See, I question the accuracy and
transparency of what we watch on TV news. This is my chance to deliver transparent news of animal welfare. The more press related to animal
welfare is infiltrating the media, the more awareness there can be. We need more of this.

4. Where do you see it going from here?

To be honest, I don’t really know where it will go from here. This is a completely new space for me despite it being in alignment with what I feel
my purpose is. Ideally, SAP would provide a safe, friendly and encouraging space for users to share & learn as well as being one of the go-to for
animal welfare press distribution. Oh, I do have a show launching next month on Pet Life Radio, it will be called Save A Pooch.

Perhaps one day I can produce a comedy show that includes rescue dogs. I just love to laugh. One thing is for sure, whatever activities or campaigns
evolve, it must be in alignment with the key message. The key message is compassion is a 2 way street between us and the animal species. Companion
animals in particular teach us that message.

What I find really interesting when I look back, every experience or education I’ve pursued all had imprints in creating SAP. Espionage is
needed to find the right professionals and organizations to talk to; media is needed to get the word of saving dogs and animals out; holistic health
is needed to address their transition and rehabilitation.

5. Has there been a special animal in your life? How did
they change you?

Oh yes. I always tell this story of my last foster dog because he was the reason I did certain actions and that made me realize it’s almost instinct
for me to stand behind animal welfare. This little foster was quite a handful. It was a 7 year old Shih Tzu  by the name of Shania that was bounced from
home to home, has been in at least 2 shelters but still had a fun loving personality. When I picked him up from the vet, he was actually very
friendly. It wasn’t until about a month later, I noticed his fear-based aggression temperament. I knew that trait would make it difficult for the
rescue organization to find a suitable adopter. The rescue told their vet and was prescribed meds to calm the temperament. I didn’’t feel too
comfortable with that because sedating a dog doesn’t lead to them actually being rehabilitated. I tried to find someone in the industry to donate some
of their expertise, from holistic vets to trainers. I had no luck in that arena. However, 3 fabulous women came into my life that I am forever
grateful for. One is a daycare owner who helped board him while I was at work; another a lovely groomer who had experience with fear based
aggression and a fabulous animal communicator who filled in a lot of the mysteries. It was pretty mind blowing. For those that are not open to
animal communicators, I really suggest trying one, its amazing what you can find out. Anyways, these 3 wonderful ladies came in at the right time. So
for fosters out there, don’t be afraid to take extra steps to ask for help.

People told me Shania will likely not get adopted because of the biting incidents, which I believe can be fixed and I refused to give up on him.
One day I was at work and got an email being notified that Shania will have to be scheduled to be put down the following week, and I just lost it. I
was bauling like I lost a human. But I wouldn’t have let him go just like that. Long story short, the same week he was to be put down, I posted on
google plus and his perfect mom showed up! She just so happened to go online that day wanting to adopt another dog since her last one has passed
a year prior. We met and she just fell in love with him and He’s been very happy there since and it was meant to be at the right time. To this day, I
still keep in touch with her and hes doing really well.

Did a lesson come from this relationship/experience? It was a testing
experience for sure but it reminded me that dogs aren’t usually born aggressive just as we are not. It’s the lack of love that we get broken down.

6. What about people? Are there any who have influenced you along this path?
There’s not one in particular, I think everyone who I’ve come in contact with was for a reason. Even those that have made me really angry. It’s all
clues (there goes the detective language again) to getting you where you need to go. At the end of the day, we all have an emotional guidance system
to help us keep on the right track and I think interactions with people fast tracks that process.

7. Any parting thoughts?

I would love to share my thoughts on the human-canine bond.

For many, the love of their pets, is comparable to that of family members. For most pets, the love for their owners is the true love that we dream of.
No barriers, no conditions, just pure love. See, I view the H-C bond as more than just the linear perception of friendship or companionship. The 2
way street of the human canine bond has dynamics that are far beyond the external day to day interactions. It is more than just feeding them, or
playing with them, in return we get kisses and cuddles. What do I mean by this?

The fact is, we live in a multitude of energies and everything in our life is run by it. Every interaction we make, within ourselves and with others,
influences the ebb and flow of our energetic frequencies. Where in the spectrum our energy is on the grid depends on where we are in our own
personal development journey. More and more people are opening up to this awareness. Dogs in particular are very keen in picking this up in us and
around us. Whether you believe it or not, our canine friends absorb and take on our energy, it is their nature. They obviously won’t tell you this
but they do, everyday they are with you.

It is important to keep your energy levels clean and avoid holding too much heavy baggage, resentment, anger, and all the other emotions that are of
low frequency. Your dog will not only feel it, they will, in their own way, take it on to alleviate the burden it has on you until it builds up in
them. Until you take responsibility for your own frequencies, the ones holding you down can’t just go away on its own, with or without a dog. As
most personal development coaches teach, we do need to be our best version to be able to give to others. This includes giving to your pet.

I have a soft spot for rescues and the pain they experience, physically and emotionally. Somewhere along the chain, they have been let down either by
people, hostile environments like natural disasters or just draw of a bad circumstance. I encourage those 17 million people who are looking for a dog
to save and adopt them. As Sharon from Maddie’s Fund says, we need just over 2 million of those 17 million to adopt for involuntary euthanasia to disappear.

Ultimately, we are saving them in order for them to save us. They save us not only through companionship, but they teach us love, they make us laugh,
they show us to have a lighter energy.

So remember, pets’ well-being not only consists of healthy eating habits, regular exercise but the emotional maturity of their owners or handlers.
When we adopt a holistic healthy lifestyle to keep our mind, spirit and body clean, our pets will naturally follow suit. In turn, this will
strengthen the 2 way street of the human-canine (or other animals) bond. The more compassion we live in, the better off the animal kingdom and
humans will be. The overall love consciousness of the planet will increase. Everything is connected. Absolutely everything. Why not do our part.

Find out more about ‘Save a Pooch’ and contact Beverly at



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