Using Your Skills to Make the World a Better Place. * TonboMai

Using Your Skills to Make the World a Better Place.

Posted on Dec 4, 2016

Using Your Skills to Make the World a Better Place.

Right now, there is someone/something who could be better because of you! Crazy-huh?-but true. I am going to ask you to think outside of those closest to you for a moment. Think of people you will never meet. Now think of your worst moment and how you felt. Maybe you felt alone. Maybe you were lucky enough to have others around you and yet you still felt alone. Now think about this- You have something to offer that no other soul does.You have a unique perspective from your own struggles that you must not keep to yourself.

If you look at the worst moments of time, you will see some of the best people.These people see problems and instead of looking away, running, or ignoring they try to help.

Whatever your field- whatever your skills – if you are only working to satisfy yourself then you are missing out. ….But you have a job-isn’t that enough? No, it isn’t. Contributing to the earth’s economy is important but it is not the same as contributing to its soul.You have a duty to be more .

We are each different things- Photographers, artists, hair dressers, lawyers,doctors, teachers, construction- etc. Whatever your profession is- use it. Use it to make the world a little better. ana-300x300

So let’s get started;)

1. What do you do? What are your skills? profession? Hobby?

This doesn’t always mean something you are professionally trained for.

This can just be something that you enjoy tremendously.

2. What is something in the world that could use a little help?

It doesn’t have to be one of the popular or huge issues. Maybe it is

something that gets little “issue time”. Maybe it is something you have

personal experience with.It could be community local or

community global- it all melts to the world in the end. When you find this

place and problem, learn all that you can about it. Be informed.

3. Now is the fun part. You take your skills and talents and find a place for them to fit

into solving these problems. Where do you think you can make the biggest dent?

4. Most importantly, pace yourself and never sacrifice those closest to you for your cause.

Remember, your small contributions are huge!