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Why Hotstud101 didn’t get the job.

Posted on Dec 17, 2016

Why Hotstud101 didn’t get the job.

Also, Why your email address needs to grow up.

Look, I am sure hotstud101 is a nice guy, He may even be, dare I say , hot. As I scrolled through interview candidates however, his did stand out, but not in a good way. Suddenly, images of a candidate coming to work in a gold chain and exposed chest hair filled my mind. Hot, maybe to some, but definitely not appropriate interview attire.

 I know what you may be thinking. It’s an email address! Why does that matter? Trust me, it does. When employers are combing through potential candidates to interview, it may very well be their first impression of who you are.

    Luckily, for hotstud and everyone else out there, there is hope before the next job search. A professional email address can be created for free and may just give you a bit of an edge as you seek your next job. So now, what to do. 

1. Keep it boring.
I know this sounds bad, but ksmith looks a lot better to an employer than rockandrollfreddy. Unless of course, you are applying for a rock and roll job.

2. Avoid your pets name.
I know you love your pet. As an avid animal lover, I love mine too. However, your future employer simply does not care that you are fidofurbabydaddy and it could potentially cost you an interview. Trust me, Fido will be much happier with an employed daddy  that brings home the kibble than an unemployed one.

3. Be a blank slate.
You do not know your potential employer and he/she does not know you. Your goal is to get in for an interview so that your worth can shine in person. Because of this, you shouldn’t reveal anything that is not goal oriented. They do not need to know your political, religious or fan affiliation. Simple as that.

4. Make it your email address.
You and your partner share everything, I get that. Actually, that is really cool that they two of you are so close that your email address is roseandbob@blahblah. Your potential boss, however, is interviewing you, not your partner. Thus, it may make for uncomfortable to send a business email to a shared account.

5. Get rid of the numbers
So you wanted Janesmith@ but only janesmith1970 was available, I can relate.  Unfortunately, too many numbers in your email can give the appearance of spam and you may very well end up trashed.

Your email address is like your logo. It puts you out there as a candidate in the interview pool or it holds you back. It is imperative that it presents you in such a way that it pushes you forward as a professional and serious candidate. Having a professional, clean email can do just that. Reveal the beauty that is you after you get the job- For now, let’s just focus on getting a callback:)


* Note* If Hotstud, Roseandbob, Rockandrollfreddy or Janesmith1970 do exist and are offended by this, I apologize as these are truly fictitious names used for the purposes of this article. That said, it is my sincere hope that you are using those emails for purely personal purposes or it may be time to find another one:).