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Spotlight on Photographer Jody Read

Posted By tonbomai on Nov 27, 2016

“The ability to capture life, a feeling or emotion, of a stranger or people
I love, is very precious to me, and without a doubt, describes who I am!”

Freelance Photographer Jody Read was born in New Westminster, B.C. Canada but currently lives in Calgary Alberta. Jody has had a long interest in photography with a special passion for documentaries and their ability to tell a story. Jody’s portfolio is full of beautiful images, each artfully allowing a glimpse into the subject and capturing a moment in their life.

“Reality for me is always the best. In the last few years, I have actively pursued this interest, so when developing my site, I started thinking about what motivates me, what are my goals, and what are my passions and
inspirations. It always came back to my children, family, and friends…living life and documenting the memories of our lives! My life is a journey that has taken me many places over the years. I have been blessed to meet and be reunited with friends who have become my family.

A big inspiration to me are my children, and now granddaughter, featured on my Wedding, Baby bump & Engagement website pages…they continue to awe me by their innocence, their freedom, their strength and perseverance, and how they approach their own life challenges–pursuing their own dreams–thrills

Find out more about Jody and see her beautiful work on the following links:

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