'Just a Pitbull.' * TonboMai

‘Just a Pitbull.’

Posted By tonbomai on Oct 30, 2012

I had been working on the photos from ‘Dog Fest’ and was really excited. It was a great event and I met some awesome people and pooches. I was converting the files between tossing the ball with my five dogs in the back yard when I noticed my boxer mix ‘Reason’ was talking to someone at the fence. I made out the shape of another dog- not too unusual here (two of the dogs I now love were abandoned on this very road)- but my dogs usually bark at stranger dogs. Not this time- something strange was going on here!

I walked through my house to the front door and she was already there. This poor lost baby- her face was swollen, her pads were torn and there was a nasty wound on her back thigh.

I told Paul to come look at her and we brought her into my back yard, cleaned her wounds and started searching for lost dogs that met her description-no luck. As the sun came up we took her to Ironwood Animal Hospital   in Queen Creek to have her checked for a chip and to get an opinion on what caused her wounds. No chip and while I appreciate them scanning, they could offer no opinion on her at all or any resources on finding help for this poor girl. The receptionists were far more helpful than the vet, warning us that if we took her to the shelter she would surely be put down. I know she would- but not on our watch. After all, I am sure to many she is just a pit. She came to the right house.

I will be doing regular updates on ‘Red’. I will also be uploading the ‘Dog Fest’ photos, just a little bit behind schedule and a little busier. There will also be one more mouth to feed, one more water bowl to set out

and one more face to love- until we find her a forever home.

Yes, she is a mess but she is also very beautiful and I am going to make sure her life changes from here on out.