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Fort Collins, Colorado Through The Lens Of Photographer Eric Richards

Posted By tonbomai on Jun 25, 2014

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Eric Richards was born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado. During his younger years, he developed a keen interest in music—being the beginning of his creative endeavors. Powerful music intrigued him and he continued to grow in the art of film scoring and individual music composition. It wasn’t until recently that he witnessed the beautiful marriage between visual and audio art. He had already submerged himself in the audio side with music and he wanted to explore what the visual side was like. Eric is now going to college at the Colorado Film School in Aurora, Colorado and finished a course from Berklee Online for Film Scoring. While attending the Colorado Film School, he felt himself growing as a photographer with a much higher passion than a ‘spontaneous amateur’ might expect.



“Fort Collins, Colorado is rather an interesting place to be. Now matter where you may go, it feels like home. It is relaxed and absolutely stunning in the summer. The tangling of trees hide the sky in their splendorous branches. Music fills the air of all sorts of genres. Children play blissfully in the court yards. Fort Collins is one of those places that go against the normal culture of America. Instead of people heavily minding their own business, they go there to socialize and possibly meet new people. This place may not be a photographer’s dream for photographs but there is a peace here that I find no where else.” Photographer Eric Richards










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