So My sister's car Broke down in Georgia:) * TonboMai

So My sister’s car Broke down in Georgia:)

Posted By tonbomai on Dec 16, 2013



On 11/27/2013 at approximately 10:40 p.m. while in Sandy Springs, Georgia
I was a passenger in a vehicle that became disabled in middle of the busy
     I was terrified!
 Fortunately for me, Sandy Springs is home to two of the Most awesome
officers ever! Not only did these handsome officers push the vehicle that we were
in to safety but they also took the time to help us try to figure out what was wrong
and get us safely to where we were staying.
     What could have been a miserable start to my visit turned out to be a
lesson that strength is kind and some people are still willing to go the extra mile.
I have no doubt Whatever these wonderful guys are doing tonight, they are making
everyone a lot safer. To them I  send a big ‘Thank You!’
OFC S. Sutton
FTO R. Reeves
Thank You