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A Step Closer To Home.

Posted By tonbomai on Sep 25, 2012

Our first time seeing ‘Shelby’ at the shelter. She was not sure why they were bringing her out!

‘Shelby’ meeting her new foster mom, Barbara Jean, for the first time

Last Tuesday, “Shelby,” a two-year-old Kelpi Cow Dog/Shepard mix was on the euthanasia list at the Pinal County shelter. She was scheduled to be put down at 5:00 p.m. Helping Orphaned Hounds, an all-breed rescue based out of Maricopa, Arizona, heard about her and contacted the shelter at 5:01 p.m. Luckily, Shelby had not been taken back to be euthanized yet and was saved at the last minute.

On Wednesday, I went  along  to pick up her  Shelby!

When we got to the shelter, the staff brought out Shelby. She was sick, badly matted, smelly, very thin and had a bad cough. But, she was alive. When Shelby left the shelter, Barbara Jean had to literally carry her out.


It is starting to click that we may not be all that bad!

Her ride from the shelter! I only wish I knew what was going on in her mind!

She was nervous going into Petsmart for her new collar! Little does she know that her life is about to get so much better!

Barbara Jean has a cool tradition with her fosters — her first stop is to get them a new leash and collar. She calls it their “New Leash on Life.” We then headed to the Petsmart in Casa Grande for a collar, leash, treats and a badly needed grooming. The ladies there were so sweet and when we went back there 45 minutes later to pick Shelby up, she was a brand new dog! Shelby was still a little unsure of what was happening but there was a spring in her step after her bath. Shelby was more interested in the sliding doors than anything around her!

She started looking around at all of the doggie supplies and was less nervous!

Shelby with a nice new friend who helped clean her up!

Shelby was saying ‘Thank You’

and Some more ‘Thank Yous’ before leaving….

Two of ‘Shelby’s helpers’ . They cleaned her up and made her as beautiful on the outside as she is inside!

Shelby was very curious about those doors!



A New Girl! Shelby at her new foster home!


Shelby is being treated for kennel cough. As soon as she is better, she will be up for adoption. If you are interested in meeting Shelby, please contact:

Helping Orphaned Hounds at http://www.helpingorphanedhounds.org/

Thanks to Barbara Jean for allowing me to tag along!

Barbara Jean McAtlin http://www.solidimagingdesign.com/


This is the ‘Before and After’ Of Shelby! I think it says it all!