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Getting ‘Old School’ with Photographer Leslie Slavin

Posted By tonbomai on Aug 9, 2014

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Using the world as her studio, Photographer Leslie Slavin uses a skillful eye to magically steal the moment. Her works are a reminder that all existence is a treasure meant to be protected, as life is beautiful, but time is fleeting… Come experience the beauty of her talent…as you enjoy lasting memories. Welcome to the world of photographer Leslie Slavin.

Leslie Slavin has 30 combined years of experience as a professional photographer, healer and ordained minister. By melding all her study of art, body work, emotional release, energy modalities, and personal experience with her love of photographing people, Leslie is thankful to provide a service which enables enlightenment, sharing of devotion and generates health and well being. She received a B.F.A. from the Hartford Art School/University of Hartford, with honors. Leslie also makes art under the name Amazing, and enjoys creating conceptual art which gives her the freedom to work in mediums of all kinds.

“I consider myself a conscientious observer. Taking pictures is wonderful thing to spend my time doing. I can photograph people and have them understand themselves in a more helpful way, to be able to experience themselves in a whole new way, and generate a greater potential. Total acceptance. I have loved photography since the first time my dad noticed one of my photographs when I was a young girl. I love to photograph people. I love photography, and looking at other photographers’ work, and am thrilled with how much there is to look at. I believe that photography is the number one thing that has brought awareness and global consciousness to the masses, and is the one most powerful tool to dictate the future. I think in third dimensional thinking and choosing between yes or no, and forth dimensional thinking and becoming one with all things. I feel this time to be exciting for artists. At this tipping point, it is our job to share the way.”

1.  What attracted you to photography?
I consider myself a conscientious observer. I love looking, staring, noticing, and really seeing details. I love being able to get glimpses into all sorts of realities: emotional, psychic, landscapes, microscopic, places, times, people, private, public, real, fake; I love it all. I have been conscientious observer my whole life. To be able to capture something and make it physical, to make manifest a moment, is brilliant. The social aspect of engaging, spying, the practice, the experimenting, art school, identifying what is possible is an authentic way of expressing myself. Things change quickly. I still love this picture Paul Strand took of a farmer boy. Cartier-Bresson, Stieglitz. So many amazing images. My dad taught me how so much love can go into a photograph. Family, friends, fashions, documenting, healing, showing off, creating, passing on a moment for as long as it is cared for, watching. How lucky are we.

2.  How would you describe your photography style? 
OLD SCHOOL. I love the square, I love seeing the world flipped and square. I love to photograph people, and share with them what 1/125 of a second feels like. Present them with a memory to remind. I get goofy to deal with all of the nerves, it seems to help people relax. My style is equanimity. My style is truth. My style is open-minded. My style is appreciation.

3.  What inspires you?
Generosity. What people can create. Nature. Hollywood. Touch Screen. Vulnerability. Enlightenment. Gratitude.

4.  How do you think you have evolved in your art since starting?
Finding what my purpose is as an artist, what is it that I am going to say by being an artist is always evolving as I become more aware. Art is becoming about the Artist, I sense urgency and responsibility, but mostly freedom. I am more concerned with the contribution I can make.

5.  What do you think the job of a good photograph is? What should it do?
Cull people to look at it.

6.  Which photographers do you admire the most?
The ones that are shooting their passions, they have become their photographs. Paul Elledge is still one of my favorites, and has been since the first time I saw his portraits hanging on the wall of the photo lab. My HAS Professor Ellen Carey, I still get to enjoy one of her pieces every day. She is the queen inventor of the selfie. I love how dedicated a lot of photographers are, getting the shots they set out for, sharing them with the world. I am fascinated with the Vivian Maier story. We get to see the Uni-Verse, anyone who is showing us things that give us insight and taking us to new experiences, I humbly admire.

7.  What would you say to someone considering photography? Any tips/warnings?
Pay attention, have empathy. Photography is powerful. Allow your heart to conjure your prosperity.

Any Parting Thoughts? I used to think about how to control my images; afraid someone would take them and try to pass them off as their own. Now, who has time for that. There are so many images being produced every day, by all sorts of people. We are all photographers. It is time to make art, which I believe is the polar to war. We can create whatever world we want to experience, and setting images in the minds of humans is how that is done. What are we setting?

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