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‘Sweet’ update on ‘Sweetie.’

Posted By tonbomai on Sep 6, 2013





I recieved wonderful news this week from Anne Wilburn
of Big Hearts Haven concerning ‘Sweetie.’
   As you may recall, ‘Sweetie’ is the beautiful girl
who was living at a abandoned property in Arizona. She
was taken to the Shelter and had it not been for Anne, she
would have most likely not be alive today.
    Since this time, Big Hearts Haven has paid for boarding for this
sweet girl while looking for a foster for her.
     This week, the news we have been waiting for….’Big Hearts
Haven’ has found a wonderful foster for this baby! I hear her
foster family is providing her with all the excersise she needs-
a good thing- because ‘Sweetie’ is full of energy!
      I want to say thank you to everyone who has changed ‘Sweeties’ life!
Please consider donating towards ‘Sweeties’ past boarding costs through
‘Big Hearts Haven’, so that they may get busy working on the next pup who needs help.
You may contact them through