Waffle House Poet:) * TonboMai

Waffle House Poet:)

Posted By tonbomai on Dec 20, 2013

By day 3 of my trip south, The car was gone
for good, I had missed Thanksgiving completely,….
Only one thing would make this right…..
a big bowl of grits…
….I ended up at a cute little Waffle House in’
Georgia …and…..as I looked up from my bowl of grits, I saw him .
He looked so perfect in that moment that I couldn’t resist capturing
this man…..This waffle House poet….and so I did ….
and then I looked up and he had left…and I was left with just this memory
of the Handsome poet…well that…and my bowl of grits:)
Thank You to
Beecher B. Brown, Jr.
For the delightful Conversation