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The beauty of getting Uncomfortable

Posted By tonbomai on Mar 31, 2014

Is your comfort zone killing your creativity?

Chances are, when you were first starting in your field, you

were like a newborn coyote stumbling around trying to find your place in the

pack. You got knocked down, growled at, and lost your way a few times but

you kept going. Why? Because , there was a hunger there- a need to be

what you were meant to be- a desire to be the best.

Some of us hung around the pack leader, learning his ways, waiting on our time to lead and some ventured off to form our new pack making a million mistakes and missteps along the way.

Neither is right or wrong. There is good and bad with both.

Wherever you ended up. you started finding your niche, honing your craft and finding that comfortable

spot….and that is part of the problem. The more comfortable we get, the less creative

and that can be disastrous not only in photography but in life. When we stop challenging

ourselves , we are bound to hit a creative plateau.

So, I am going to give you some crazy advice. Whatever you are good at- occasionally

forget about about it and do something you are absolutely terrible at! You may find

that you are not that awful at it, that you actually enjoy it and even if you don’t-

it is bound to get those creative juices flowing!